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Author: swatitiwari
Posted: Jun 28 2011 - 08:49 AM
Subject: injection lypolisis
hi how are you i would like to know.
im doing a procedure called injection lypolysis. but i want to know
the clinic told me its a company that makes the injection somethin
called innoa? is that how u spell it? it sounds to similar to the
hair dye i m not sure how you spell it..
i see lipostabil and lipodissolve all over the interent. but i cant
seem to find any brand called inoa for the mesotherapy lypolyisis.
would you have any idea about it?[
my doc also told me that she isnt using pure ppc shes using deoxycholate. shes using another chemical which stems from ppc but isnt using pure ppc. its a a doy based chemical..
please advice me
Author: Hasnain
Posted: May 30 2013 - 09:29 AM
Subject: re: injection lypolisis
OK you are talking about Soya based - that is the best

Pure PPC is never used It has to have choline deoxycholate 4%
Total Posts: 2 - Pages (1): [1]
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