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Author: Botoxgal
Posted: May 29 2017 - 07:56 PM
Subject: Persistent Swelling
I learned the lipolysis technique through training for the cleopatra procedure in which we perform lipolysis to the mons pubis. We then performed a demo on my stomach which had a small amount of subcutaneous fat with 15 cc of PC/D.C. I experienced the usual redness swelling burning at the state for a few days then lumpy nodules for two to three months. Also persistent mild erythema in the area with small faint broken capillaries in the area injected. My stomach is now more distended
And swollen and appears like it did in the two weeks post procedure. The nodules have subsided but the tissue feels thicker than it did prior to procedure. Are there any suggestions for resolving this swelling? Can this persist as a long term side effects? I have tried the Radiofrequency by alma lasers for fat melting two sessions and still unchanged. This is month 8 and I am very concerned this swelling will not resolve. I am considering a biopsy to see the histology side of the picture. I am now considering lymphatic massage.

I was fairly normal build and a small gamount of subcutaneous fat. Is this because the injector was too superficial? Her depth was approximately 6-8 mm with a 1/2" syringe.

I would appreciate any advice. I am concerned about performing this procedure on patients and will probably defer to the physician who trained me rather than risk this long term complication with a patient. I am also considering the laser assisted liposuction with my supervising physician to see if we can get this to resolve.
Total Posts: 1 - Pages (1): [1]
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