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As you will have learned by now, lipolysis therapy involves the use of a substance known as phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is a natural soya lecithin which also occurs in large quantities in the body. It is used as a medication, e.g. to treat high accumulations of fat inside the blood vessels, in patients with excessive cholesterol levels, as a liver-protective substance and as a means for assisting premature babies to breathe more easily.

In Germany, phosphatidylcholine can be administered using a medication that is not officially approved for subcutaneous injection into fatty tissue. Therefore, treatment with this medication in Germany is known as an "off-label use", i.e. use for a purpose different from that stated on the label. Every off-label use therefore always calls for a patient to be carefully and fully informed.

Consequently, for the sake of your own health, you should always examine every offer of this type of treatment critically and carefully. Below, we have put together the most important questions and criteria that should be covered in any initial consultation:

What method of therapy does the doctor use, the Brazilian method or the NETWORK method? The older Brazilian method is not in conformity with the new worldwide standard and is considerably less effective. This method is not applied by ISL doctors for both cost and risk reasons. The method can be recognised by the shorter treatment intervals of 2-4 weeks.
Has the doctor informed you of all relevant facts completely and comprehensively, including the unlikely, but nevertheless possible, individual risks?
Has the doctor taken a complete medical history? This includes details of all your previous illnesses, family predispositions and risk factors, and an examination as to whether you are suitable for this form of treatment. Within NETWORK Lipolysis, this process is conducted on the basis of a detailed case history form from which the treating physician can identify whether there are any risks in your individual case which make treatment appear unsuitable.
How much does the therapy cost? Be suspicious of offers that are very cheap. In this case, it can be assumed that the doctor uses the out-of-date Brazilian method, which produces less successful results.
How long are the intervals between the treatments?
Where did the doctor receive training in the therapy? Does he/she have a certificate of training? Don't be afraid to ask the doctor about his/her training certificate. No certificate means that he/she probably only once watched it being performed by a colleague or has self-taught it by studying Internet reports. This means you may well be in the position of a guinea pig. At first sight, the treatment appears very simple, but it isn't! Trained doctors achieve incomparably better results. Every NETWORK Lipolysis doctor has a certificate. His/her training has been recognised by a medical registration board in Germany. And, as a doctor trained in injection lipolysis, his/her name appears on the doctors page of this website and under www.network-lipolysis.com.

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