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The costs for eliminating excess deposits of fat by injection lipolysis lie within very reasonable bounds. Depending on the nature of the area of fat and the individual response to the treatment, the therapy normally involves 2-4 treatment sessions. According to our research, lipolysis therapy is offered for an average US$ 550-650 per session, regardless of whether the doctor is an ISL member or not. However, especially in the case of low-price offers, you should pay particular attention to the form of therapy provided. Some doctors offer lower prices, but perform the old, original therapy. In this case, 8-10 sessions are necessary, only little of the active substance is injected – which saves costs – and the treatment is given at 2-4 week intervals. In fact, with these short intervals between treatments, new injections are given while the process triggered by the previous ones is still ongoing. This is either indicative of lack of knowledge, or this fact is deliberately ignored. Ultrasonic examinations have, actually, clearly shown that the dissolving process in the body takes at least 8 weeks. This interval should therefore be strictly complied with in order not to overtax the body. So allow yourself plenty of time and give your body the chance to deal properly with the processes triggered by the injections. If you have heard reports of ineffective treatment or of very cheap treatment, the reason is almost certainly that either the treatment is not performed with the latest standards of knowledge or it is unprofessional.

It should also be emphasised in this context that, for the sake of your own health, you should pay attention not only to the cost aspects but also, and above all, the to the safety aspects. While long experience has shown that the therapy conducted by doctors trained by NETWORK Lipolysis has resulted in no complications, treatment provided by untrained doctors and other non-medically qualified persons, and also self-treatment by the patients themselves, has resulted in illnesses with sometimes severe consequences.


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