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Additional Measures

Enhancing the therapy

Some things you can do yourself can enhance the effects of the therapy.

The following provides some tips on how this can be done:

The therapy is no substitute for a change in your own eating habits. Some patients mistakenly believe that precisely because they are undergoing the therapy, they can eat more than before. An unwanted side-effect in such cases is therefore an increase in weight, which also prevents any objective assessment of the outcome of the therapy since a reduction in circumference in the case of hip treatment is no longer measurable if the circumference of the belly increases at the same time. Therefore, even before starting on the therapy, forget any idea that it can take the place of a change in your lifestyle that may be necessary.
Before and after the therapy, drink large amounts of fluid - preferably non-fizzy water. This will support your circulation, and you will feel much better if, in the first few days, your increase your water consumption to up to 4 litres per day.
Cancel dinner
This is a very easy method for changing your eating habits. If you can leave out meals and alcohol after 5 p.m. on every second day, you will notice a marked improvement in your physical wellbeing within a very short time. So after 5 p.m., consume only non-fizzy water or other calorie-free drinks. Your body will thank you for it.
Fat burning through physical exercise
The time of day at which you do physical exercise is a crucial factor in how quickly fat starts to burn up and this therefore affects the length of time that you need to exercise in order to burn fat. In the morning, before breakfast, the blood sugar level is lower than during the day, i.e. after you have consumed food. In the morning, therefore, the body already draws on its fat reserves after only 10-15 minutes of physical activity, as compared to 45 minutes in the afternoon. Therefore, get into the habit of always doing your physical exercise before breakfast and on an empty stomach so as to start the fat burning process as quickly as possible. Anyone can do exercise at the right time for burning fat, and with great success. You can use a home trainer, aerobics or other exercises to trigger this process and also jogging or intensive walking can help to improve the results.

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