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The Network therapy

In order to be able to offer you the best possible injection lipolysis treatment, all the doctors in NETWORK Lipolysis have undergone comprehensive, high-quality training. Within one year, the doctors organised in NETWORK Lipolysis contributed significantly to improving the therapy results and reducing the side-effects. This intense research work by NETWORK Lipolysis has led to the only worldwide standard for injection lipolysis therapy which has currently been adopted, and is being applied, by over 1800 doctors in 64 countries. All the individual aspects of the therapy, such as dosage, injection techniques and treatment intervals, were put up for review and subjected to careful scientific scrutiny.

This standardised therapy is only available from NETWORK Lipolysis doctors who are organised in the ISL.

Additionally, our Medical and Scientific Director, Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner of Austria, has developed an improved formulation which has reduced the local side-effects still further and produces even better results.

Other improvements to the already high therapy standard are ensured by our numerous research groups, enabling us to guarantee that if you are treated by an ISL doctor, you will always be treated to the latest and highest development standards.

Some doctors also use injection lipolysis in combination with other methods. Ultrasonolipolysis is used by some of our members as a method for the optimum elimination of fat by providing additional treatment with a special form of ultrasound.

For further information on NETWORK Lipolysis, please go to our homepage at www.network-lipolysis.com.

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