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Possibilities and limitations

When you look at yourself, do you – like many others – see certain parts of your body that you are not altogether happy with? And have you also found that even with iron discipline, dieting and special exercise, there are certain regions that you simply cannot affect? Perhaps you have tried to get rid of unwanted deposits of fat by changing your eating habits, and have even succeeded in losing weight, but unfortunately not in the areas where you wanted to. What is special about injection lipolysis is that it allows you to decide which deposits of fat should go. In other words, this therapy can help you to get rid of smaller deposits of fat that are susceptible neither to change in diet nor special exercise – and not just temporarily, but permanently.

This form of treatment therefore offers an ideal addition to dieting and physical exercise. It can also be used to accompany your efforts in combating medium-sized fat deposits. And following liposuction therapy, injection lipolysis can be used as a means for dealing with any remaining fat deposits as well as smoothing out bumps, hollows and steps. Good success can, if the correct injection technique is applied, also be achieved in treating cellulitis because, as the fat cells dissolve, the skin also contracts elastically to leave a smooth, homogeneous surface. In general, injection lipolysis therapy is ideally suited for treating smallish, clearly defined zones of fat. (suitable regions for treatment)

However, the method is not suitable as a means for general weight reduction or for treating obesity.

But, in these cases also, it can be used as a supplementary treatment for dealing with problems in specific, defined regions.

Injection lipolysis can, for instance, be used to bring relief by reducing excessive fat in the area of the upper belly that restricts the breathing, or by eliminating rolls of fat that cause discomfort for bra wearers. Reducing a double chin, hanging jowls or a “bull neck” on the upper back can frequently have a highly positive effect on ones psychological wellbeing.

On the other hand, injection lipolysis is not suitable for, and must not be carried out on, adolescents or children, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers, or in the case of people with a number of rare, severe diseases. More precise information on whether the therapy is suitable for you will be gladly provided by a certified NETWORK Lipolysis doctor during the course of a personal consultation.

However, no fundamental health risks at all have been found by the members of NETWORK Lipolysis. The active substance itself and its metabolisation have been thoroughly studied and documented in connection with the treatment of fat embolism using intravenous injections. For subcutaneous injection into the fatty tissue, we so far only have our own practical observations to rely on – but these are based on a very large number of treatments. (see Lipolysis Report and other published studies).

Further scientific studies are currently in the course of preparation in Germany, the UK, the USA and Italy.

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